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Youth and Students Always Free

One of Musica Sacra's goals is to continually create a new body of performing arts patrons.  As such, the organization knows that there is no better time to introduce future audience members to the beauty of sacred choral music than during their formative years.  Recognizing this fact, Musica Sacra's Board of Directors has instituted a "Youth and Students Always Free" philosophy and program.  Students from elementary through age 22 are welcome to each concert on a cost-free basis.  High school and undergraduate college students are merely asked to provide a current student id when getting a ticket at the Will Call table on the afternoon of the concert.

It couldn't be simpler for youth to attend a live classical concert, than to participate in Musica Sacra's "Youth and Students Always Free" program.  Just arrive at the concert site beginning ½ hour before the concert.  If you're under high school age you're in right away. If you're a high school or college student, just show your proof of current student status, and you're in! 

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